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Selection of Fragrant Rainbow-Colored Plumerias:

The Trio Plumeria ‘Rainbow’ comprises my top three picks of stunning rainbow-colored Plumerias, each boasting a profoundly intense and delightful fragrance. Each variety possesses its own unique scent, and you will receive 5 seeds of each type.

  1. Chompoo Paan: This Plumeria boasts a distinct sweet and cool fragrance that intensifies in warmth, making it an ideal companion on hot summer days. Its flowers are stunning with shades of pink, yellow, and white, measuring 7 to 9 cm in diameter. Characterized by a compact and low-growing nature, this Plumeria is particularly charming.
  2. Plumeria Hurricane Sunrise (AKA Phet Chompoo): A beautiful fragrant Plumeria with nearly flat flowers featuring heavily overlapping petals. The flowers, white-pink with yellow centers, have a diameter of 7-9 cm. The colors become more vibrant in warm weather, emitting a strong, sweet fragrance reminiscent of tuberoses. With a compact growth habit, it’s an excellent choice for smaller spaces.
  3. Vera Cruz Roses: This Plumeria truly smells like a red rose! The delightful scent of red roses is so intense that you can smell it from afar in your garden on a warm summer evening. It is one of the most intensely fragrant Plumerias, showcasing beautiful flowers measuring 10-15 cm in diameter. They are smoothly canary yellow with a white edge and dark pink bands on the front and back.

A sowing guide and care instructions can be found on my blog post Sowing Plumeria.


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