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Passiflora plants are renowned for their exquisite blooms, and certain varieties elevate the experience with their captivating fragrance. Allow me to present my curated selection of Passiflora, featuring varieties celebrated for their truly wonderful and intensely fragrant flowers.

Alata (AKA Fragrant Granadilla):
Behold the spectacular flowers of Alata, stretching 7-10 cm wide. Adorned with red, gracefully curved petals and a striking fringed corona in alternating bands of purple and white, reminiscent of elegant stripes. This variety blooms from late summer to fall, gracing the surroundings with a fragrant aura, true to its name—Fragrant Granadilla.

Passiflora Maliformis (AKA Sweet Calabash):
Maliformis, a rapid-growing tendril vine, showcases large (7-10 cm diameter) flowers in red, blue, and white. With a prominent fringe of red coronal filaments, this exotic tropical beauty is a sure attention-grabber. Ideal for planting around a patio, its magnificent and highly fragrant flowers become a captivating focal point.

Prepare to be amazed by the truly extraordinary purple flowers (10 cm diameter) of Cincinnata. This passionflower boasts a corona of light violet filaments so lavish that the corolla of the sepals and petals takes on a secondary role. The fragrance is nothing short of remarkable, adding to the allure of this captivating variety.

For guidance on sowing and care, please visit my blog post Sowing Passion Flowers.


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