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Selection of beautiful fragrant adenium varieties:
Adenium Obesum is known for their ornamental flowers and not for their fragrance. Nurseries in Asia have managed to propagate new varieties with slight but very nice fragrance. This listing contains my top three of beautiful varieties with wonderful fragrance. You will get 5 seeds of each variety.

1. Super parfume:
This variety is my favorite! The flowers look fantastic with its green/vanilla throat, white petals topped off with a delicate pink border. Besides, they are big and have a beautiful scent! Their diameters are around 7-10 cm. This Adenium will start blooming when it is only 15 centimeter tall. It blooms frequently during spring and summer.

2. Fragrant Delight:
This Adenium has very attractive white flowers with five thick red lines. The flowers are 2-5 cm in diameter and are fragrant. It is generally acknowledged as the most fragrant Adenium. This Dessert Rose is a strong grower.

3. Spindrift:
A stunning new variety from Taiwan. The flowers are about 6 cm in diameter, are pristine white and have a lovely fragrance. A real showstopper for in your house. It blooms abundant in spring and summer.

My complete selection of beautiful plants with intense and wonderful fragrance, can be found in my shop.
A sowing guide and care instructions can be found on my website.


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