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The Texas mountain laurel is native to the southwestern United States and Mexico. It is a slow growing evergreen flowering shrub. The lushe and dense foliage of lustrous, leathery, dark green leaves provide year long beauty. In the wild it grows slowly to a height of 4 meter and a crown diameter of 3 meter.

Floral (4/5):
In early spring, it boasts a profusion of dense, pendulous clusters of purple flowers that are very showy. They are followed by 20 cm seed pods containing deep orange seeds, decorating it all summer.

Fragrant (5/5):
The flowers are extremely fragrant. Their unique fragrance is often describes as grape bubblegum or grape soda. A pleasant (but almost overpoweringly) strong fragrance that can waft a considerable distance from the plant.

Sophora secundiflora is often used as a houseplant. It requires medium care.
• Water: water established plants every week in the summer, every 2-3 weeks in the spring and once a month in the fall and winter. Needs good drainage.
• Light: can be placed in full sun or partly shaded location.
• Temperature: it likes heat. But it can tolerate cold periods.


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