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Passiflora Alata, commonly known as the Fragrant Granadilla or winged-stem passion flower, unveils an exquisite floral display. The flowers, spanning 7-10 cm in width, present a striking composition with vibrant red, gracefully curved petals. What truly distinguishes them is the fringed corona, marked with alternating bands of purple and white, creating a visually captivating striped pattern.

Late summer to fall witnesses the blossoming of these spectacular flowers, and in keeping with its name, the Fragrant Granadilla exudes an intensely aromatic fragrance. The scent is not merely a subtle note but rather very intense, contributing to the overall sensory allure of this extraordinary Passiflora variety.

Fragrance intensity: Very intense.
Ornamental floral value: Extraordinary.

For guidance on sowing and care, please visit my blog post Sowing Passion Flowers.


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