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About us

Hello, plant enthusiasts! We’re Stef and Lotte, the proud owners of a small windowsill plant-growing and seed-selling shop. Our mission is simple yet rooted in love: spreading the joy of fragrant plants while making ‘growing your own’ accessible to more enthusiasts, all while minimizing our impact on the climate.

Our love for fragrant plants is surpassed only by our love for the environment. Here’s how we do it:

  • Energy Awareness: Our tropical plants don’t grow in a heated greenhouse. Nope, they flourish in rooms of our house that need heating anyway.
  • Eco-Friendly Pest Control: When it comes to pests, we prefer nature’s way—neem oil, green soap, and the help of predatory insects keep everything in check.
  • Organic Fertilization: Fertilization? Done sparingly, with organic products and a healthy dose of our homegrown compost.
  • Reduced Plastic Use: Packaging? We’re conscious of the plastic problem, so we use minimal plastics. Unfortunately, there’s no perfect alternative for plastic pots, but we’re working on it. Our seeds, though, come in compostable manila paper envelopes.

Having recently moved, we’re thrilled to extend our love for fragrant plants to our new garden. Follow our blog for updates, insights, and the occasional plant-growing adventure. Got questions or just want to chat plants? Drop us a line through the form below.

Happy growing!