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Cestrum Nocturnum flowering cuttings

October 2022 was a sweet month. My original cestrum nocturnum bloomed for 3 weeks straight!

I saw the first side branches appear somewhere in september. In the beginning of october there were buds forming. And on the 10th of october the first bunch of flowers opened and the rest soon followed. The cestrum is anything but subtle. It forms large clusters of flowers and opens them all at once. Then it releases a wave of fragrance that makes the whole house smell like grassy jasmine.
I have yet to find a plant with simmilar impact when grown indoors. I had other flowers bloom, mostly orchids in october but they were so overpowered by the cestrum, I even forgot to take pictures!
I took some cuttings of this cestrum in autum. (The right time to take cutting is spring or summer for this plant). And I was very suprised that even the unrootedcuttings were blooming in their plastic bag! I was even more suprised that almost all of the cutting took root after blooming.

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