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Flowering houseplants in November

I didn’t take any good pictures but decided to write this post anyway. Mostly as a reminder to myself that forgetting something isn’t the end of the world and as a reminder to do better next year.
It’s a real shame I forgot because most of my oncidiums were blooming.

I have the following variaties of oncidium;

  • oncidium twinkle fragrant jasmin (sweet flowers)
  • oncidium twinkle fragrant fantasy (sweet honey)
  • oncidium red fantasy (sweet honey)
  • oncidium sharry baby (sweet chocolate)
  • oncidium sphacelatum (sweet floral) species
  • oncidium Mtssa. Shelob Red Spider (sharp fruity)

Oncidiums are easy care orchids even if you live in the northern hemispehere. They do well potted up, they can handle some dry air from central heating and their flowering cycle is induced by shortening day length. Their flowers last abouw two weeks, even on the miniature ones!

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