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Fragrant flowers in september

It’s the beginning of September and the meteorological autum has started. Most of the true summer flowers are finished for this year even though it is still exeptionally hot. True show stoppers at the moment are:

  • Begonia’s; The fragrant begonia’s are still in full production mode. I especially love the white pendent one! This one is indoor, I also have one in the garden but they don’t differ much in size.
  • Cyclamen; they smell like cloves and come with dainty petals.
  • Phalanopsis; always in flower fragrant phals look exeptional imo.
  • Oncinium; My yellow oncinium orchid is in bloom! aAnd two of my other onciniums are working on new flower stalks.
  • Lantana camara; both the withe and the yellow ones are still going strong. They have a subtle citrus smell.
  • All fragrant perlagoniums are still in flower.
  • Jasminium Nutidium; it has been continually in bloom and is still flowering and budding.
  • Jasminium Sambac; is finally making a new bud! It only produced one bud before this season.
  • My passion flowers are still going strong.
  • And my outdoor fragrant peas still feed the bees!

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