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Fragrant flowers in may

It’s the third week of May and a lot of flowers are showing off, both indoor and out.

Blooming fragrant (house)plants

Jasmine Gardenia Jasminoides Kleims Hardy
When the flower opens the bud turns a yellow, in the course of a day the flower unfolds like origami artwork. It has a musky sweet fragrance. The classic jasmine fragrance is there but also something of a heavy floral perfume.

Passionflower Passiflora Craerulea
Sweet fruity fragrance. The fragrance reminds me of passion fruit, who would have thought… I’ve sown this specific plant a year ago, so it’s pretty quick to flower from seed.

Perlagolium Concolor Lace
The flowers form small clusters and are vibrant color somewhere between fucsia and red. The fragrance comes from the leaves and smells a bit like nutmeg. For me it preforms better in a shaded spot than in full sun.

Perlagolium Sweet Mimosa

It has large pink flowers. At least large for a perlagolium. Its leaves are lobed, which in my opinion gives it an even sweeter look. The fragrant leaves are sweet with some hints of citrusfruit.

Trachelospernum Jasminoides a white variety
The first flower opened today! And the plant is full of buds. It has been in the same shaded location for two years and i wondered if they could bloom there. I think the plant just needed to mature a bit. It has the classic fresh jasmine fragrance. I brought some cuttings indoors and hope they will fare well in my southfacing window.

Honeysucle Lonicera periclymenum
I have a few different varaieties of honeysuckle in the garden. This one is a native and the first to bloom. Like all honeysuckle flowers it has a very sweet fragrance. I would like to try and see if I can grow it in a container indoor.

Common white Lilac Syringa vulgaris
There is a giant white Lilac in the front garden. It has been blooming for the last month. Due to very welcome recent rainfall, many of the flowers turned brown. I have made many cuttings for friends but haven’t tried growing it indoors. Do you think i shoud try?

Fragrant Phalanopsis hybrids
Two of my fragrant phalanopsis-ses are in bloom. One called exotic and the one called powdery. Not a very strong fragrance but a reliable bloomer.

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